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Achieve your code coverage targets with the new release of Parasoft Jtest

Achieve your code coverage targets with the new release of Parasoft Jtest Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today I am happy to announce that the next release of Parasoft Jtest will be available November 5th, 2018. With Jtest 10.4.1, we continue to help software development teams deliver reliable and secure Java applications faster and with more confidence!

In this release, we focused on helping users resolve problems entering the code during active development.

Understand the Impact of Code Changes

To reduce bottlenecks that delay delivery and have a direct impact on the business, Jtest 10.4.1 provides information to developers in real time, in their IDE, about which tests need to be executed based on local source code changes. Then with the click of a button, Jtest can executes only those tests!

To do this, Jtest automatically identifies the tests that are impacted by source code changes, so you don't have to run your entire suite of tests, saving you valuable time. Additionally, this immediate feedback helps drive confidence in your code, and provides an efficient and thorough way of testing your code changes prior to check-in, to improve productivity and help you release with confidence.

Achieve your code coverage targets with the new release of Parasoft Jtest

See here the Impacted Unit Tests view on the right, which enables the developer to see which tests are impacted by local source code changes, and execute only those tests.

This same capability can be leveraged within the CI process, to enable the entire development team to quickly test all development changes quickly -- and as your unit test suite grows to encompass component/integration tests, time savings become even more apparent. This results in a faster build and verification process, shortening the development/test feedback loop.

Achieve Code Coverage Targets

As your code changes, new use cases are introduced that need to be tested to ensure that quality gaps are covered. With this release, Jtest enables development teams to cover more uses cases, even as code change occurs, with intelligent augmentation of unit test suites using AI and machine learning.

Developers can leverage their existing test suites to clone unit tests, and Jtest now automatically mutates the test data within these cloned tests, to cover the untested areas of code, helping development teams meet and even exceed code coverage targets.

Achieve your code coverage targets with the new release of Parasoft Jtest

The Recommendations view on the right notifies the developer of uncovered code. By clicking the “Clone test” link, an existing unit test is duplicated and its test data mutated to cover the uncovered area of code.

In an effort to optimize the developer's unit testing workflow, Jtest now helps users track a method call and automatically apply all recommended assertions to the test. The user just initializes the test, and Jtest can now handle the rest of the validations, making it simple to achieve code coverage with higher quality.

Achieve your code coverage targets with the new release of Parasoft Jtest

In the Unit Test Assistant view, a new action is available which tracks and automatically adds assertions to the test.

To get code coverage even higher, Jtest now helps users create unit tests for private methods, whether they are regular, parameterized, or Spring tests. (Although creating unit tests for private methods directly is not a best practice, there are users who see value in doing so to attain code coverage goals.)

Support for Development Environments

In Jtest 10.4.1, we continued to extend our development environment support by upgrading the underlying technology stack to support the following:

  • Java 9 & 10
  • IntelliJ 2018.2
  • Eclipse 4.8 (Photon)
  • Mockito 2.0
  • PowerMock 2.0

Get Parasoft Jtest 10.4.1

If you want to try out Jtest 10.4.1 and its unit testing features, you can get an immediate download of the product (unit testing feature only, on a limited basis) for 7 days. In your self-guided trial, you can go through the product yourself and see first-hand all the goodies that Jtest has to offer for your unit testing practice.

If you are an existing customer, you'll be able to download the latest installers from the Parasoft Customer Portal when they are available on November 5th.

If you’re new to Parasoft, you can get a demo of our integrated Java development testing solution, that includes static analysis, unit testing, coverage analysis, and more.

Happy Java testing!

Written by

Kapil Bhandari

Kapil is a Product Manager at Parasoft, focusing on Parasoft Jtest. Kapil held several technical positions ranging from software engineer to development lead, before moving into product management.