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The Power of AI: Improving Web UI Testing

The Power of AI: Improving Web UI Testing Reading Time: 3 minutes

Improve Web UI Testing With the Applitools Eyes and Parasoft Selenic Integration

Applitools has a long history of working with Selenium—with SDKs for all flavors including: Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, PHP, Python, and even Selenium IDE. When Parasoft announced their new Selenic product that took Selenium to the next level, an integration between Applitools and Parasoft seemed like a perfect match!

For those not familiar with Applitools, we have been helping organizations deliver an uncompromised user experience by augmenting existing testing frameworks with Visual AI. Applitools Visual AI is the only solution that replicates the human eye and brain to ensure perfection across all screens, browsers, and viewports.

By augmenting your existing automated test suite with Visual AI, quality teams can collaborate to build tests faster, stabilize and speed up the release process, reduce maintenance time, and increase test coverage.

Typically, teams work with one of our 60+ SDKs, inserting your API key, initialization code, and the appropriate line of code (eyes.open) in each place you’d like a screenshot to be captured and sent to our Eyes application for Visual AI analysis.

Parasoft Selenic offers a seamless integration with Applitools. Users simply set a few one-time settings and from there, a screenshot is automatically captured at each click and navigation step, ensuring maximum test coverage with incredible speed, accuracy, and stability.

How It Works

1. Include the Applitools Eyes dependency in your Maven POM.






The Power of AI: Improving Web UI Testing

2. In Eclipse or IntelliJ, open the Selenic Configuration, jump to the “Argument” tab and specify the argument, “applitools=true” and specify the name of your application, such as “applitoolsApplicationName=SampleAppName”.

The Power of AI: Improving Web UI Testing

3. Log in to your Applitools Eyes account and get your API key.

The Power of AI: Improving Web UI Testing

4. Specify your Applitools Eyes API key on the Environment tab of the Selenic configuration.

The Power of AI: Improving Web UI Testing

5. From here you can simply “Run with Selenic” and the integration automatically takes screenshots at every click action and page navigation and send them to Applitools for Visual AI validation.

After your test run completes, you are brought to a Selenic results dashboard where you’ll notice a new section for Applitools visual changes and see direct links to the Applitools Eyes dashboard.

The Power of AI: Improving Web UI Testing

Watch the Video

Check out our quick video for detailed setup instructions of the configuration steps outlined above to easily integrate your Selenium scripts with Applitools using Parasoft Selenic.

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Written by

Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is the Senior Director, Global Product Marketing at Applitools and works remotely from his home in Portland, OR. Daniel has a passion for technology, a vision for product, and a story to tell. Outside of work, you’ll likely find him hiking, biking, behind a camera at sunrise, enjoying an espresso or craft beer, or gaming. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @dlevy.