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平面设计助理 - 上海

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Independently complete daily affairs related to the position;
  2. According to the requirements of the company's brand or customers, complete the design work of the product planning scheme;
  3. Responsible for executing product design and providing feedback and modifications to the design;
  4. Assist various business departments in creating PPTs, product demonstration versions, etc;
  5. Supervise the quality and visual effects of brand promotion products;
  6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader;

Job Requirements:

  1. Art related majors, bachelor's degree or above;
  2. Proficient in design software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator;
  3. Passionate about their job, meticulous and responsible, with the ability to withstand pressure;
  4. Possess strong understanding, comprehension ability, work coordination ability, and creativity;
  5. Priority given to those with experience in gift design;
  6. Oral English can serve as a working language.


  1. 独立完成岗位日常相关事务;
  2. 根据公司品牌的要求或者客户的要求,完成产品策划方案的设计工作;
  3. 负责对产品设计方面的执行,并对设计进行反馈和修改;
  4. 协助各业务部门制作PPT、产品演示版本等;
  5. 监督品牌宣传的用品品质和视觉效果;
  6. 完成领导交付的其他工作。


  1. 美术相关专业,大学本科及以上学历;
  2. 熟练掌握Photoshop、Adobe illustrator等设计软件;
  3. 热爱本职工作,工作细心、责任心强,具有抗压能力;
  4. 具有较强的理解、领悟能力、工作协调能力和创造力;
  5. 有礼品设计工作经验者优先;
  6. 英语口语能作为工作语言。