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市场助理 - 上海

Job Responsibilities:

  1. I Responsible for the maintenance and editing of new media platforms, mainly responsible for the copywriting part of new media;
  2. Responsible for daily operation and promotion, such as website, WeChat official account, Tiktok, Zhihu, etc;
  3. Assist in completing video shooting and editing work;
  4. Responsible for designing and producing promotional materials for enterprises and products;
  5. Responsible for assisting in participating in domestic exhibitions and promoting other matters;
  6. Responsible for organizing after-sales data and material procurement, etc;
  7. Other related matters arranged by the company.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree or above, 1 year of work experience, priority given to those with good English proficiency;
  2. Familiar with office software, proficient in basic PS and AE animation;
  3. Strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, eager to quickly grow and gain corresponding experience in work;
  4. Strong learning and execution abilities;
  5. Good communication and coordination skills;
  6. Has a sense of responsibility and strong resistance to pressure;
  7. Can adapt to business trips.


  1. 负责新媒体平台的维护和编辑,主要负责新媒体的文案部分;
  2. 负责日常运营及推广工作,比如网站、微信公众号、抖音、知乎等;
  3. 协助完成视频的拍摄及剪辑工作;
  4. 负责企业及产品宣传资料的设计、制作;
  5. 负责协助参加国内展会及推广等其他事宜;
  6. 负责售后的数据整理和物料请购等;
  7. 公司安排的其他相关事项。


  1. 本科及以上学历,1年工作经验,英语好的优先考虑;
  2. 熟悉办公软件,会简单的PS及AE动画基础;
  3. 有较强责任心、进取心渴望在工作中快速成长获得相应经验;
  4. 有较强的学习能力和执行能力;
  5. 良好的沟通能力及协调能力;
  6. 有责任心,有较强的抗压力;
  7. 能适应出差。