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C/C++软件开发工程师 - 郑州

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Computer/software and related majors, with over 3 years of practical experience in using C++and QT development; Has good English reading ability and can write various technical documents;
  2. Strong logical thinking and mathematical modeling skills, able to design, optimize, and implement algorithms;
  3. Having practical experience in standard software engineering development, proficient in common design patterns and modeling tools;
  4. Proficient in C++, proficient in using QT development libraries and QML interface development; Proficient in using QT Creator or Visual Studio development tools;
  5. Familiar with common database configuration and deployment experience, familiar with triggers, stored procedures, and standardized design methods;
  6. Understand Socket programming and TCP/IP protocols. Familiar with programming knowledge of multiprocessing, multithreading, communication between them, message queues, signal slots, etc;
  7. Require independent project/module development experience;
  8. Familiar with the use of SVN or Git source code management systems;
  9. Priority given to using C # and MFC.

Job Requirements:

  1. Assist requirement analysts, participate in requirement research, and provide professional development technical consulting and implementation plans to clients based on their development and system integration requirements;
  2. According to development standards and processes, responsible for building the system development environment, completing the design, implementation, and testing of the system framework and functional modules;
  3. Prepare relevant technical and user documents, as well as other documents required by the company;
  4. Responsible for system optimization, ensuring system performance and reliability;
  5. Resolve technical issues encountered during development and testing.


  1. 协助需求分析师,参与需求调研,根据客户的开发及系统集成相关需求,提供给客户专业的开发技术咨询及实施方案;
  2. 根据开发规范与流程,负责搭建系统开发环境,完成系统框架和功能模块的设计实现和测试;
  3. 编制相关的技术和用户文档,以及公司要求的其他文档;
  4. 负责系统的优化,保证系统的性能和可靠性;
  5. 解决开发、测试过程中遇到的技术问题。


  1. 计算机/软件及相关专业,有3年以上实际使用C++、QT开发的经验;具有较好的英语阅读能力、能编写各类技术文档;
  2. 具有较强的逻辑思维和数学建模功底,能够进行算法设计、优化和实现能力;
  3. 有标准软件工程开发实践经验,掌握常见设计模式和建模工具;
  4. 精通C++,能熟练运用QT开发库、QML界面开发;熟练使用QT Creator或Visual Studio开发工具;
  5. 熟悉常见数据库配置和部署经验,熟悉触发器、存储过程和规范化设计方式;
  6. 了解Socket 编程、TCP/IP协议。熟悉多进程、多线程及之间的通讯、消息队列、信号槽等编程知识;
  7. 要求有独立项目/模块开发经验;
  8. 熟悉SVN或者Git源代码管理系统的使用;
  9. 用过C#、MFC优先。