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C/C++技术支持工程师 - 上海, 郑州

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Provide pre-sales introductions and Parasoft product demonstrations to potential customers;
  2. Fully communicate with customers about their needs, identify pain points, and promptly organize and report customer feedback;
  3. Provide solutions and technical documentation based on potential customer needs and product characteristics;
  4. Adapt and deploy to the actual environment of customers, and reflect the value of company products in their actual projects;
  5. Provide formal after-sales training and software product solutions for existing customers to address technical issues during use;
  6. Responsible for providing technical support and developing customized products for the company.

Job Requirements:

  1. Computer science and related majors, bachelor's degree or above, with good English reading ability;
  2. Having a solid foundation in C/C++programming, proficient in pointers, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, templates, etc;
  3. Proficient in at least one type of embedded programming and debugging, such as Keil, IAR, Windriver, or CCS;
  4. Familiar with software construction (compilation/linking) process, able to use build tools such as Makefile;
  5. Familiar with a common source code management tool, such as SVN, GIT, etc;
  6. Strong learning and thinking abilities;
  7. Have a sense of responsibility and a good team spirit;
  8. Can adapt to irregular short-term business trips.


  1. 为潜在客户提供售前介绍和Parasoft产品演示;
  2. 跟客户充分沟通需求,明确的痛点,并将客户的反馈及时整理和汇报;
  3. 根据潜在客户的需求和产品特点,提供解决方案和技术说明材料;
  4. 对客户实际环境进行适配和部署,在客户实际项目中体现公司产品的价值;
  5. 为现有客户提供正式售后培训和软件产品解决使用中的技术问题;
  6. 负责公司相关产品的技术支持和开发定制工作。


  1. 计算机及相关专业,本科及以上学历,有较好的英语阅读能力;
  2. 拥有扎实的C/C++编程功底,精通指针、封装、继承、多态、模板等;
  3. 熟练至少一种嵌入式的编程和调试,如Keil,IAR,Windriver 或 CCS等;
  4. 熟悉软件构建(编译/链接)过程,会用Makefile等构建工具;
  5. 熟悉一种常见源码管理工具,如SVN、GIT等;
  6. 具有较强的学习能力和思维能力;
  7. 有责任心,良好的团队合作精神;
  8. 能够适应不定期短期出差。