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C/C++ 研发工程师 - 郑州

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Research and development work related to Parasoft software products;
  2. Conduct secondary development based on customized requirements from domestic customers;
  3. Participate in the analysis and design of product functional requirements;
  4. Implement coding according to the design and carry out relevant development and testing tasks;
  5. Write relevant documentation and manuals required for the project;
  6. Able to complete assigned tasks effectively and with high quality according to plan;
  7. Complete other work tasks assigned by the supervisor.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer, communication, electronics, and related fields;
  2. Familiar with C/C++software product development;
  3. Fresh students with outstanding abilities and award-winning projects may be considered;
  4. English proficiency level 4 or above, with good English communication skills;
  5. Possess meticulous logical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  6. Possess a sense of responsibility and strong learning ability, as well as a good team spirit.


  1. Parasoft 软件产品相关的研发工作;
  2. 基于国内客户定制化要求做二次开发;
  3. 参与产品的功能需求分析和设计;
  4. 根据设计编码实现,并且进行相关开发测试任务;
  5. 编写项目需要的相关文档手册;
  6. 能按计划有效且高质量的完成分配的任务;
  7. 完成主管安排的其他工作任务。


  1. 计算机、通讯、电子及相关专业,本科及以上学历;
  2. 熟悉C/C++软件产品研发;
  3. 能力突出且有获奖项目的应届生可考虑;
  4. 英语四级以上,具良好的英文交流的能力;
  5. 具有缜密的逻辑思维和问题分析处理能力;
  6. 具有责任心和较强的学习能力,良好的团队合作精神。