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C/C++售后技术支持工程师 - 上海, 郑州

Job Responsibilities:

  1. According to project requirements, cooperate with sales personnel to go to the user site for installation and implementation;
  2. Handle customer service requests, configure and modify the system to meet customer requirements;
  3. Responsible for the installation and debugging, demonstration training, application guidance, and other implementation and online work of the company's software products;
  4. Resolve difficult software usage issues raised by customers;
  5. Collect and analyze customer requirements, write requirement documents, guide customer requirements, and effectively control requirement changes;
  6. Solve problems encountered by customers during system usage, maintain customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements:

    1. trong reading, communication, and comprehension skills;
    2. Have a certain computer foundation, familiar with C++language, MySQL database, Unix/Linux operating system;
    3. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, with a strong sense of work responsibility;
    4. Priority will be given to those with experience in the chemical industry;

Job benefits: weekends off, five insurances and one fund, year-end double pay, paid annual leave, supplementary medical insurance, regular physical examinations, employee travel, holiday benefits.


  1. 根据项目需求, 配合销售人员前往用户现场进行安装,实施;
  2. 处理客户的服务请求,配置和修改系统以满足客户要求;
  3. 负责公司软件产品的安装调试、演示培训、应用指导等实施上线工作;
  4. 解决客户提出的有关软件使用的疑难问题;
  5. 收集与分析客户需求,编写需求文档,引导客户需求,对需求变更进行有效控制;
  6. 解决系统使用中客户碰到的问题,维护客户关系,提高客户满意度。


  1. 有较强的阅读沟通和理解能力;
  2. 有一定的计算机基础,熟悉C++语言,MySQL数据库,Unix/Linux操作系统;
  3. 良好的沟通能力与团队合作精神,有极强的工作责任感;
  4. 具有化工行业从业经历者优先。