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C/C++售前技术支持工程师 - 上海

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, support, implement, and supervise daily public relations projects of the company;
  2. Collaborate with the company's marketing department to create proposals and participate in customer bidding;
  3. Responsible for all pre-sales support work, including technical communication with users, technical proposal writing, technical proposal presentation, etc;
  4. Cooperate with the company's marketing department to complete the bidding for the corresponding project. Technical response to bidding documents, system software and hardware configuration/public quotation, bid presentation and response work;
  5. Cooperate with the company's marketing department to complete user product and solution testing work, and do a good job in user communication, demand feedback, etc;
  6. Complete the writing of promotional materials for relevant products/solutions, as well as product/system demonstrations, etc;
  7. Cooperate with company channel personnel to facilitate technical exchanges with partners, original manufacturers, etc;
  8. Guide and assist sales department personnel to provide consultation on the development direction of the company's sales business.

Job Requirements:

  1. More than 1.2 years of technical, pre-sales, and marketing work experience in the medical software industry;
  2. Familiar with professional knowledge in industries such as automotive companies, healthcare, IT, and communication;
  3. Able to quickly establish relationships with customers and improve the company's overall control over projects through communication with them;
  4. Able to independently complete the production of technical solutions, business documents, training materials, etc;
  5. Familiarize oneself with the bidding process, conduct on-site Q&A and bid presentation;
  6. Excellent writing skills;
  7. Possess independent planning and proposal abilities, as well as the ability and methods to quickly extract and integrate information;
  8. Good professionalism, willing to endure hardships, with enterprising and career oriented spirit.


  1. 对公司日常公关项目的策划、支持、实施及督导;
  2. 配合公司营销部门制作提案及参与客户竞标;
  3. 负责所有的售前支持工作,包括与用户的技术交流、技术方案编写、技术方案宣讲等;
  4. 配合公司营销部门完成相应项目的投标。标书的技术应答、系统软硬件配置/公开报价、讲标答标等工作;
  5. 配合公司营销部门完成用户产品、方案测试工作,做好用户沟通、需求反馈等;
  6. 完成相关产品/方案宣传资料的撰写、产品/系统演示等工作;
  7. 配合公司渠道人员做好与合作伙伴、原厂商等的技术交流工作;
  8. 指导并协助销售部人员,以对公司销售业务发展方向提供咨询。


  1. 2年以上医疗软件行业技术、售前、市场工作经验;
  2. 熟悉车企、医疗、IT、通信等行业的专业知识;
  3. 能快速与客户建立关系,通过与客户的沟通提高公司对项目的整体把控度;
  4. 能独立完成技术方案、商务文档、培训资料等制作;
  5. 熟悉招投标程序,进行现场答疑和讲标;
  6. 优秀的文字撰写能力 ;
  7. 具备独立的方案策划及提案能力,以及对信息快速提炼、整合的学习能力与方法;
  8. 良好的敬业精神,肯吃苦,有进取心与事业心。