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Parasoft Empowers Customers to Shift-Left their Software Security and Compliance Testing for DevSecOps


Parasoft today announced the latest 10.4.2 releases of Parasoft Jtest and Parasoft dotTEST, their Java and .NET development testing solutions that help users maximize application quality and security, while minimizing business risks.


MONROVIA, CA – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, today announced the latest releases of Parasoft Jtest and Parasoft dotTEST, their Java and .NET development testing solutions that combine static analysis, security testing, unit testing, and code coverage analysis to help users maximize application quality and security, while minimizing business risks. The new releases (10.4.2) focus on enabling DevSecOps to make security a part of the development process, and help organizations achieve continuous security and compliance with more support for security standards than ever seen before. Parasoft’s security solutions integrate into the daily development workflow from the start, providing teams with continuous visibility into security standards compliance, and helping them remediate vulnerabilities earlier and continuously throughout the DevSecOps journey.

To learn more about this latest release, please visit: https://www.parasoftchina.cn/blog/new-releases-of-parasoft-jtest-parasoft-dottest-10-4-2/

Gartner’s 2019 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management recommends that software organizations "Align security and DevOps practices for a holistic DevSecOps approach. Security should become an integral part of processes and automation, and in turn, it should take full advantage of the strengths of these processes and automation. Aside from supporting an inherently more agile environment, this approach ensures that security is consistent and repeatable."*

Parasoft’s software testing solutions, especially with the newest enhancements, are helping organizations address these recommendations. Today’s releases broaden their scope of support for security standards, making Parasoft the only vendor to cover all of the important security recommendations. Parasoft’s solutions provide pre-configured, out-of-the-box, and fully-customizable test configurations for security standards, including CWE Top 25, CWE CUSP, OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, and UL 2900. Developers can execute real-time security and compliance scans, directly within their development workflows in the IDE, to see potential security vulnerabilities right where they can understand and fix them prior to check-in.

In this release, Parasoft has also built into the product a broad array of context-specific training and tutorials for vulnerabilities identified in the code, to help developers learn about and address security issues as they work, enhancing their security expertise. The same security configuration or policy can also be leveraged by scans executed as part of the CI/CD pipeline, providing a safety-net to gate the delivery pipeline and ensure that insecure code does not get promoted to later stages. Bringing everything together is Parasoft’s centralized reporting dashboard that dynamically demonstrates the application’s security and compliance status in real-time, with widgets that directly correlate to the security standard’s risk assessment framework being used, and automatic report generation for auditing.

"Due to a growing concern over data breaches, companies are now holding their software teams and vendors accountable for meeting standard application security policies to help combat these threats. Nonetheless, breaches continue to occur daily and many organizations struggle to integrate testing into their development process, and end up capturing these vulnerabilities in later stage testing, which is too late in the cycle," stated Kapil Bhandari, Product Manager at Parasoft. "Parasoft’s solutions are helping organizations address this by integrating these activities early on to enable shift-left security testing and compliance. By doing so, vulnerabilities can be caught and addressed at a lower cost, and security and compliance metrics can be collected and leveraged at various times throughout development."

*Gartner, 2019 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management, Ramon Krikken et al., 5 October 2018