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Parasoft Joins Arm’s Functional Safety Partnership Program


Parasoft’s industry-leading support for functional safety standards helps Arm customers achieve compliance and eliminate security vulnerabilities from their designs


Monrovia, CA – Parasoft, the global leader in automated software testing, today announced it has joined Arm’s Functional Safety Partnership Program, showcasing functional safety partners with the right experience and expertise in the software quality and functional safety. Joining the functional safety program is a natural continuation of more than a decade of successful cooperation between Arm and Parasoft in the area of software testing tools.

To learn more about Parasoft, please visit: https://www.parasoftchina.cn/products/parasoft-c-ctest/functional-safety-compliance/.

In today’s world of autonomous driving, smart factories, and predictive technologies, functional safety and certification is at the forefront and emerging in new market segments that traditionally did not have safety requirements. But with so many moving parts, it can sometimes be hard for organizations to navigate the requirements and find the right partners in functional safety. Arm’s Functional Safety Partnership Program, launched in 2019, is designed to make this process faster and easier, by providing customers with a curated group of experts in functional safety to support their efforts and ultimately shorten time-to-market for their products.

The seamless integration between Parasoft testing tools and Arm’s development tools like Arm Development Studio, enables developers to test the software without leaving their IDEs, as well as perform automated code scans in the CI/CD pipeline. Parasoft’s industry-leading solution for functional safety enables teams to automate the testing practices mandated by functional safety standards, dramatically reducing the risk, time, and manual effort required. With Parasoft tools, organizations can find real bugs in the code using static analysis; create and execute unit tests; measure code coverage; or check compliance with industry-leading coverage for coding guidelines such as MISRA C/C++, CERT C/C++, AUTOSAR C++ 14, JSF, etc. Parasoft’s special focus on software security enables organizations to elevate functional safety to the next level by reducing the risk of compromising the safety mechanisms with unwanted interference to the system.

"With embedded software controlling more and more aspects of our lives, software security and safety have become major concerns. Introducing software testing practices into the development process, without damaging the developer's velocity, is critical for teams to deliver the high-quality software needed today," said Miroslaw Zielinski, Parasoft C/C++test Product Manager at Parasoft. "Parasoft’s TÜV-certified testing tools integrate with Arm development toolchains, orchestrating multiple testing practices mandated by functional safety standards and enabling our mutual customers to successfully meet software certification criteria according to domain-specific standards such as ISO26262, IEC61508, IEC62304, EN50128, and others."

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