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Parasoft Named Leading Innovator for Service Virtualization


Parasoft Recognized as "Innovation and Technology" Leader in voke Market Mover Array on Lifecycle Virtualization


Parasoft today announced that they were recognized as the leader in "Innovation and Technology" in voke Research's “Market Mover: Lifecycle Virtualization" report. The new service virtualization report gave Parasoft the highest score among all 10 vendors in the Innovation and Technology category, citing Parasoft's strength in service virtualization and environment management, ease of use, extensive protocol/message type support, and breadth of integrations.

According to the report, which can accessed at https://alm.parasoft.com/lifecycle-virtualization-voke-market-mover-array, "Parasoft is a company borne of innovation with a relentless focus on software quality. Parasoft builds software that helps developers deliver the best possible code with as little risk as possible. The company is committed to giving developers and testers the most realistic and complete environment possible by leveraging lifecycle virtualization solutions. Through the combination of lifecycle virtualization solutions, Parasoft enables teams to be able to run all tests at any stage of the software lifecycle."

"As a pioneer in the service virtualization market, we saw the need to enable continuous testing for organizations transitioning to DevOps and Continuous Delivery," said Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer. "For years now, voke has recognized that service virtualization enables the extreme automation essential for this IT transformation.  We are impressed by voke's efforts to help IT leaders select the right service virtualization tool, and we are extremely honored to be recognized in this important research."

The voke Market Mover Array is research designed to identify notable vendors in a particular market and is a core piece of voke’s research taxonomy. After analyzing 10 vendors versus 14 categories, the results were charted and placed into one of four bands (shown above). Parasoft was placed in the "transformational" band. According to voke, a "transformational" vendor is changing the tone and direction of the market, and is typically challenging the pivotal vendors to innovate either in terms of technology or marketing acumen.