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Test Data Management

Test Data Management With Parasoft SOAtest

Load Your API Tests With Test Data

Parasoft’s modern approach to test data management leverages a web browser and visual diagramming to modernize the test data management process. Parasoft’s test data technology extracts data from existing systems so you can quickly manage, mask, model, and generate additional data. With a self-service interface, you can easily re-use test data in your test cases, reducing the time you spend doing test data management.

How Does It Work?

Parasoft’s unique approach to test data management helps users rapidly get access to realistic test data to use in testing. Users can use data that has been recorded through the Parasoft ecosystem (or through external traffic sniffers like Wireshark or Fiddler) to easily generate data models, without having to learn any specific domain knowledge.

These data models can then be used to generate all sorts of new test data for your test cases. Accessed from a browser-based UI, enabling multiple team members to manage and manipulate the test data, users can collaborate and share data artifacts with the entire organization.


Quickly create meaningful, scenario-based API tests from Parasoft’s intuitive web interface. Link test steps together and perform data extraction and assertions, all while data-driving your tests from external data sources.

Tag any test artifact in Parasoft SOAtest with metadata and requirements, to enable seamless collaboration across dev/test teams and immediately execute any test scenario at the click of a button.

Provide context and ensure consistency of both test execution and results by bundling test artifacts from your library with a test environment. Execute jobs manually through the thin-client interface, or trigger automatic test execution as a CI build step in your DevOps tool chain.

Parasoft’s recording technology allows you to capture data from any environment. Some of the best data exists in your production environments, but you can’t just pull that data directly from production because it represents too much of a risk. Parasoft enables you to extract any of your data, apply a masking process, and sanitize it for use in all of your test environments.

You will need the right data in your test environment, and our partnerships with DatProf, Delphix, and Curiosity make it easy to manage the data in your databases. Clone, subset, and mask data from your production environment so you can create the right conditions in your test database, and then leverage that data inside of your test cases.

Benefit From the Parasoft Approach

Cover More of Your Application With a Single Test

Parasoft helps you build the most optimal library of test cases, by data-driving your test cases from the beginning. Then, load your tests by generating synthetic data, to get greater test coverage while reducing your test inventory.

Extend Your Existing Data

Load up your existing data in the Parasoft thin client, whether it comes from your databases, spreadsheets, or CSV files – it all works. You can then manage and extend the data sources by generating additional test data on top, and push that data back into your database, csv file, or into a test case.

Automatically Heal Your Data

Interacting with your application and storing data on the fly is a great way to validate changing data over time, but getting your data back into the proper shape can be a challenge. Parasoft enables you to snapshot a golden state of your data, and then you can alter it through usage and reset it right back to its original starting point with a series of simple API calls.