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Test Environment Management

Manage Your Test Environment With Parasoft Virtualize

Enable DevOps by leveraging service virtualization to stabilize your test environments

Parasoft Virtualize provides a powerful, easy-to-use web interface to manage the virtual assets associated with service virtualization, so users can control every aspect of their test environment, from configuring different response types and behavior, to controlling performance characteristics.

How Does It Work?

Parasoft Virtualize gives users complete control over their test environment by removing testing roadblocks within their test environment, such as unavailable/unstable dependencies or access to expensive third-party test labs. Users can even use Parasoft Virtualize to allow testing to begin before a service dependency is implemented.

It starts with decoupling the application from its dependent resources and creating a library of assets that represent the different functional, data, and performance-related scenarios needed for testing. Parasoft makes it easy to coordinate the provisioning and use of these assets by making them available to the team to “self-provision” on-demand. With an intuitive browser-based interface, users have access to manage the library of assets and bundle different assets together into a virtual test environment for instant access.


Parasoft represents test environments as visual diagrams that enable organizationally and geographically separated teams to align on which components are required for test execution. From there, a unified test execution strategy can be developed that includes virtualization services to fill in gaps where components are unavailable, unstable, or constantly evolving.

Knowing when the test environment is ready for testing can save a tremendous amount of time while eliminating environment-based test failures. With Parasoft Virtualize, you can identify which components in the test environment are misbehaving or out of sync, so they can be dynamically replaced with virtual services. Each of these components can be monitored in real-time to understand the flow of information through the system, and preemptively validate component health prior to test execution. By capturing real system transactions, Parasoft enables more realistic virtual services to be created.

Parasoft Virtualize users can create lightweight virtual services both through the feature-rich desktop and the  intuitive web interface that enables even novice users to build simulations from service definitions, recorded traffic, or even prototype services that do not exist. These services can then be added into an environment where they can be provisioned and consumed by non-virtualization experts.

The performance characteristics of virtual services can be controlled as well. To support earlier-stage performance testing, users can build virtual services with realistic (or unexpected) performance profiles, augmenting existing test environments with proxies to redirect the flow of traffic dynamically and enabling rapid switching between real and simulated versions of your dependencies without having to redeploy the application.

Parasoft monitors (i.e. “proxies”) sit in between the application and its dependencies and will dynamically switch into failover mode if the real system ever goes off-line. In failover mode, all service traffic is routed to a virtual service to keep your environment stable.

Users can bundle groups of virtual services together into an environment instance that provides specific behavior to support a specific testing initiative (e.g. positive behavior when QA is testing the happy path, negative behavior when development needs to reproduce something, fast or slow performance to support load testing, etc.). These instances can then be selected and provisioned in a self-service method by testers, to ensure their environments behave exactly the way they need, whenever they need them.

Users can leverage environmental presets to configure test environments prior to nightly (or continuous) automated test execution, and don’t have to worry about the environment causing test cases to fail. By connecting Virtualize to the CI infrastructure, users can dynamically deploy-and-destroy disposable test environments as a part of the Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Host commonly used virtual services in your own internal marketplace to not only promotes greater sharing of virtual services but also help users understand what virtual services exist in the library and allow for rapid deployment to either a shared server or local environment.

Clone entire environments for use in testing and deploy all of the artifacts test cases test and test data either to your local environment or to a containerized environment for rapid testing.

Leverage parasoft test data repository to get access to valuable data in your virtual services. Users can collaborate on a team level by sharing a repository or an individual can host their own private repository that contains just the data that they need.

Benefit from the Parasoft Approach

Streamline the adoption of service virtualization with an easy-to-use thin-client interface.

With Parasoft Virtualize, you can create lightweight virtual services through an intuitive script-less interface. Developers, testers and DevOps engineers can easily create, collaborate, and re-use virtual assets and preconfigured test environments. You can also track utilization and adoption of service virtualization artifacts to understand the ROI of their service virtualization initiative.

Rapidly reconfigure the behaviour of your test environment without having to re-deploy your application

Leverage Parasoft Virtualize’s proxies to dynamically switch into failover mode if a real system ever goes off-line. Use the thin-client interface or Parasoft’s programmatic REST API to control the functionality, data, and performance characteristics of the test environment by rapidly switching between different configurations of live and virtual dependencies. Connect Virtualize to your CI infrastructure to dynamically deploy and destroy disposable test environments as a part of your Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Get immediate visibility into the health of your test environment

Integrate component health checks into your test environment prior to test execution and enable them to be executed as test environments are provisioned, giving testers a self-service method to ensure their environments behave exactly the way they need when they need.